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2018 "Fan Club" membership | Limited available

On Sale

Membership will be on sale for 1 full week starting Wednesday, January 10th @ 6pm!

Shipping ($15) is for the shipment of the hoodie, certificates, card & other accessories that will be shipped throughout the year!

Everyone who join the "2018 Fan Club" will receive an all access membership card with their picture on it! The card will also have a barcode you could scan to access new music and discounts! You will also have a "Member's only" discount code to use all year! That code will stay the same, but the discounts will change from 20%-75% depending on the sale! 🙏🏽 With this card you could also show up to any show and get all access! Hang out with me and the rest of the artists in any city, as many times as you want! Plus you get to bring all your friends to the show for free! You will also receive free giveaways only available to members! 😈 On the back of the card, there will be a point system for members to complete tasks and earn points! After completing a certain amount of tasks and earning a certain amounts of points, there will be special rewards and prizes! Some of the prizes include going on a road trip with me to an out of state show + visits & exclusive merchandise that won't ever be released! 😜 The card will also have my phone # which you can use to text me and say hello, get advice and receive updates! 🔥 #truth


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